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30 day blogging challenge

Day 1 of the 30-Day Blogging Challenge (30DBC) was a review of Bill Platt’s book, Coloring Books for Adults! (CBfA). I want to publish an adult coloring book but I can’t draw, so will work through CBfA and blog about my progress for the Blogging Challenge. 

I Can’t Draw.

I thought not being able to draw would be a problem, then I went to, the first graphics app mentioned in CBfA.

Clicked on Design New and was faced with a blank screen with a “Designer: All parts” box on the right. Two grey boxes inside: Add shape and Clone shape. Hovered mouse over Add shape and a dropdown menu appeared with these options:

Diamond shape, Polygon, Circle, Flower, Braid, Pie / Circlepart, Twist, Triangle, Open star, Leaf, Heart, Overlapping Circles and Rectangle.

Clicked on Circle as the book said to start with that shape.

Big circle with a “Designer: Part details” box which had Radius 100 and “Add rotation level”. Played with radius which changed the circle size, as you’d expect.

The “Designer: All parts” box showed Circle

Added Twist, which showed up in the All parts box.

Twist (looks like a rope twist) had a Part details box with Radius 30, Repeats 12, Width 3, Amplitude 2 and Add rotation level. Ignoring rotation level for now.

Changed radius to 80 and repeats to 24.

Overlapping circles – Repeats 12, Position 18. Let’s see what I can do with this! Repeats 30, Position 90.

Add Braid – Radius Activate (no number), Width 5, Repeats 24, Amplitude 5, Part 1. I want to line the braid up so the ends in the circle go in the overlapping circles.

Played with the numbers to Width 5, Repeats 30, Amplitude 10.

This is it so far:

First steps new design

Braid is on the outside, then overlapping circles, then twist. Good start to a new design.

I continued exploring

Added Pie / Circlepart. This started with Start Activate, End Activate, Repeats 8, Width Activate, Rotation Activate.

I wanted it to go inside the Twist. Measurements ended up as Start 0, End 75, Repeats 8, Width 100.

Added more Overlapping circles. Pie / Circlepart didn’t look right so removed it using the red x right of the name in the All parts list.

Reduced the size of Overlapping circles to Repeats 30 and Position 69 so they fitted inside the Twist.

Added Leaf which began with Start Activate, End Activate, Repeats Activate, Curvature Activate, Chop Activate and Rotation Activate. Blank canvas, as they say.

Changed Leaf to End 64 and Repeats 10. The ends stuck in the overlapping circles so changed the overlapping circles to Rotation 50 so. I wanted the ends of Leaf to slot between the overlapping circles and changed End to 66.

This is it:


Thought it looked alright. It’s got plenty of spaces for colors, different shapes and a mix of small and large spaces.

Here’s a video of it:


I Can Design!

Wow! It’s so easy to design mandalas using, I stayed on there and did another 30. I’m addicted to it and can’t wait to do more!

Now it’s your turn. Get yourself on and have a go. It’s ace!








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